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Lovely Pitbull puppies available
  • Lovely Pitbull puppies available
300€ 963.26GEL

Lovely Pitbull puppies available

July 13, 2021
Red/Buddy is a handsome sweet boy He has a Darker
Fawn coat with some Blue under tones. Red's
gorgeous markings include: a white blaze on his
face, white front legs, a white diamond on his
scruff, a white chest and belly with a dark spot
on his belly. He is a strong healthy growing boy!
Red, to sum it up, is just a really really good
dog. He always wants to be with his people & wants
to please & do a good job at being a dog. Loves to
sit on command and really loves the treats that
come along with that. All pups have been raised in
a family home. it's most important to us that he
find his right forever family.
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